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We wanted to let our customers, who have been living the experience of “Marmara Malzemecilik - Supplier of Furnishing Materials” for many years, experience the same confidence with “MARFOM – PU Foam Manufacturer”. MARFOM, that is located on 50,000 m² of open & 20,000 m² of closed area with 80 employees and will be an industry-leading company very soon, has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and manufacturing capacity of 850kg/min with Hennecke Multiflex high-pressure machine.

As a rooted group of companies with 35 years of history, we are proud of the contribution that MARFOM will bring to our national economy and labor force. Moreover, we are excited about being the youngest address for our customers to meet their needs and to provide them the global innovations and the latest technologies which they will never doubt about its quality.

Young Marfom, who is the new individual of the experienced Marmara Malzemecilik family, offers a service beyond expectations by means of its innovative vision, and superior production technology.

Catching the global technology, at the point where the world has come, it is the most significant step for being a developed country rather than a developing one. Marmara Malzemecilik will prove one more time that is one of the most seasoned long way captains of the sector with MARFOM by turning its direction to tomorrow's technology and its redder to innovation of quality. Only and solely, your confidence can enrich the pleasures of this unique travel.



Our vision is being the centre of innovative and high-quality manufacturing and also being customer-oriented, honest and reliable company, giving required importance to researches and developments and also be in the position to respond variable market conditions.


As being the technology leader of the foam production in Turkey and in the world, our mission is to reflect the value we give to our country and our customers through our researched and developed products by means of an active participation of every employee with producing the quality products for our customers.


The followings, that are in accordance with the policy that was determined in the scope of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, are undertaken by the top executives of MARFOM:
  • To perform the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and improve its effectiveness continuously,
  • To steer the industry by following the developing technology and increasing the variety and quality of products,
  • To increase efficiency and decrease costs by developing all the processes continuously,
  • To produce the products, that meet the customer expectations, always correctly and in time.
  • To satisfy the customer demands at every stage in order to meet the customer satisfaction,
  • To build up a non-stop learning organization structure,
  • To have team spirit (working as a team with our employees, customers and suppliers)
  • To take care of the environment and obey the legal obligations while carrying on the business.


MARFOM uses the complaints and suggestions which come from customers as an opportunity for sustainability of institutional development.

  • Quality is predicated on all products, processes and services.
  • Customer complaints are solved transparently, fast and in a customer-focused way.
  • Processes are improved continuously to keep the customer satisfaction in high level.
  • Required studies are done to measure and evaluate the customer perception.


MARFOM PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM is a structure which essentially aims continuous development. We know that there are always better things to be able to and we are working for continuous development. Without compromising on quality and offering products beyond expectations, we aim to reach complete customer satisfaction.

Quality, occupational safety, working culture, productivity and teamwork are the building blocks of MARFOM PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM. The system, which is composed of 20 criteria, targets full participation of employees, a work environment where the employees feel safe and adopt their works.

The persons within the MARFOM PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM shouldered these 20 criteria and they are proceeding in the road which goes to success. Young MARFOM is conscious of the fact that it’s at the bottom of the ladder. Because workings of the Top Management alone are not enough to be implemented and sustained this system, employees are incorporated in it. Also, in system logo, it is emphasized that the main task belongs to employees. When the persons within the MARFOM PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM assimilate and implement each criteria, they reaches the peak of success. The Top Management stands by employees on this path and will support them for their improvement.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy of Marfom stands on the thought “human first”. In this direction, our aim is to provide a healthy and safe working area to our employees and to reach the perfection in the direction of continuous improvement.

Activities we carry out in order to implement our OHS Policy are as follow:

  • All of the laws, regulations and standards about occupational health and safety are obeyed.
  • All of the risks about occupational health and safety are assessed and protective precautions are taken.
  • Employees are trained about occupational health and safety.
  • Necessary precautions are taken to provide against state of emergency.
  • Hazards are counteracted at source and zero occupational accidents are aimed.


The environmental policy of MARFOM is based upon carrying out the activities legally and also with the sustainable development principle.

MARFOM regards the environment as a very precious treasure and believes that the requirement of protecting the environment ideally so that all mankind utilize it in the future.

With this awareness, in MARFOM;

  • The requirements of environmental legislation are met and the responsibilities to society and environment are fulfilled.
  • Wastes are reduced to minimum, pollution is counteracted at source and other effects are brought under control.
  • Natural resources are used consciously and efficiently.


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