Research and Development

Quality and innovation underlie all of the moral and material investment of our company.
MARFOM is expanding its product range with new products in accordance with the changing terms of customer while improving their existing products in order to achieve sectoral success, as well as using the Hennecke Multiflex machine which is the last technology of the World in the production of polyurethane foam. MARFOM has equipments which ensure that the execution of the research and development activities in the most practical and accurate way in order to be a leader in implementing new technologies and delivery of quality products to the sector.
Conducting R & D activities of the company with the 1.yili as the range of products 19%, which conveys MARFOM the range of products in the 2nd year has increased to 32 percent.
MARFOM, which has reached to 19 ranges of product by the 1st year of its foundation, has upgraded the number of product ranges to 32 in its 2nd year with handled R&D activities.